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3 Ways to Make Your Nails Look Even Better!

Nutrition and Hydration: It's always a great idea to drink your recommended daily amount of water for optimum hydration, so do it! Eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh foods and vegetables high in biotin, or supplement your biotin intake with vitamins. Diets high in biotin have been known to aid in nails' thickness, strength, and length.

Leave Your Cuticles Alone: Do not pick, pull, or bite at the skin around your fingernails. Also, ewwww gross! Cuticles that have not been picked at and torn protect the nail and nail bed from bacteria that can infect and harm the nails. Getting a regular manicure can help with overgrown pesky cuticles.

Moisturize Your Hands: Moisturizing your hands might not be tied directly to nail growth or health, but it will result in better-looking hands that compliment your decorated or natural nails. Whether you use body butter, lotion, or oils, having moisturized hands will enhance your nails and help them stand out positively. Just say no to ashy hands!



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